I recently toured a couple, young, and vibrant- just barely in their late 50’s.  I will refer to them as Jane and Bill.  We had several conversations prior to their tour.  There was an instant connection and I knew before they arrived about Jane’s health issues.  She has MS and for the moment cannot drive and depends on a power chair for most of her ambulation.  What does that mean?  It means that she depends on her loving and patient husband Bill to help her go anywhere beyond the 4 walls of their current residence.  As we toured, and talked about all the services and amenities City Center Village has to offer, how convenient our location is to shopping, eating and entertainment in Decatur’s historic district. Jane looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I finally get my life back.”  Once we open, Jane will be able to go up and down Bank St. to shop, and dine whenever she wants using her trusty power chair.  She and her husband can attend the concerts, movies and theater in the park adjacent to City Center Village.  The two most important things are this:  Jane can do more things independently, and so can Bill.  They can spend time doing the things they enjoy both together and separately.  Things that have become rare – until now.  City Center Village is not a place where people go to exist- we help people LIVE.  If you want to get your life back, no worries over the upkeep and financial burdens of keeping up a home or depending on others to help you do the things you love, then give me a call and let’s talk,  I want to help YOU get your life back, just like Jane and Bill.  Call me today for a complimentary tour at 256.355.6800 or 1+256.390.5731.  We are filling quickly and October is not far away.  Don’t wait – take back your life today!


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