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Marketing Director's Musings- I want to wait until I need it!

August 2, 2016 amytawbush Blog


“I love your concept, however, I am going to wait until I need it….” Do you know how many times I hear that when talking to people about Independent Living?  It is a heart breaking statement, because WAITING, defeats the entire purpose of independent living.  So many people think that any kind of Senior Living is for just the sick and those needing extra assistance; this could not be further from the truth!  Independent Living is just that- a place for people like you and I to go and forget about the stress and worries associated with keeping up a house.  “But it is hard to leave this house, I will have to get rid of a lot of stuff!”- Yes, it is difficult, and yes, often times we do have to get rid of stuff  but as I talked with a couple the other day, they both agreed at the end of the day, it is just that, STUFF.  It cannot bring us safety, nor prepare our meals, give us peace of mind or pay the utility bills.  Our “stuff,” will not do landscaping or repair the fridge when it quits working.  Independent living at City Center Village takes all of those worries away and a lot more!  It is a decision that, if you know you are wrestling with, you must just rip off the bandage and make!  The longer you wait, the less you will enjoy the carefree lifestyle we offer.  Once here, you always have the peace of mind knowing that should your health decline and with the proper interventions in place, this most likely will be the last move you ever make.  We are not a nursing home, and we are not an assisted living, we are City Center Village and we look forward to having you as part of our family.  Please don’t wait until you need it, make the decision while you are able to enjoy it with the peace of mind that the other part is available to you when “you need it!”

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